Become a Share Rider

It is fun to work with us as a share-rider, connects the business brand to a share-rider by handing over the promotional materials, and the share-rider in turn completes the job by connecting business brand to their prospective clients as promotional materials are shared to an assigned audience. Its fund to be on the job as you make friends through interaction.

How It Works!

A share-rider takes pride in the delivery of our clients’ promotional material to their target audience with an open-self personality in order to create a bond between the brand and the audience, this would make the brand’s promotion more effective.

No Limit to What You Can Earn!

We have devised a good reward plan for our Share-riders in order to motivate them, our clients are charged for every promotional service we execute for them, they are charged a fee for every unit of promotion materials (such as fliers, handbills etc.) and for every income realised, our share-riders holds on to 60% of it, our clients pay before service and there is no limit to what you can earn, you keep earning as you keep sharing.

Who Can Be A Share-rider?

Our Share-riders are majorly Skaters and cyclists and any friendly members of the community who’d like doing a fun job, making friends and also earning at the same time


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